PhD Life & Neuromechanics

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Hello and welcome to my blog! Stay tuned for all the tea on neuromechanics, PhD life, and more!

Reading Brainwaves

Hello, all! From the last post about neurons, you might remember I talked about electrical impulses generated by neurons in the brain. Neurons communicate with one another by initiating inhibitory or excitatory activity by means of neurotransmitter release or change in membrane potential at synapses, the connections between neurons. Because our brain is always on,…Continue reading »

Neuron Chatter

Let’s get excited! About neurons, specifically. I think it’s clear by my blogging persona that neurons are pretty important to me and without them, I would not be able to do neuromechanics research. Before I dive into what neuromechanists do and share interesting developments in the field, I want my readers to understand why EEG…Continue reading »


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