PhD Life & Neuromechanics

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Hello and welcome to my blog! Stay tuned for all the tea on neuromechanics, PhD life, and more!

Neuron Chatter

Let’s get excited! About neurons, specifically. I think it’s clear by my blogging persona that neurons are pretty important to me and without them, I would not be able to do neuromechanics research. Before I dive into what neuromechanists do and share interesting developments in the field, I want my readers to understand why EEG…Continue reading »

PhD Life: A Breakdown

Hello, neurons! Fun fact: this isn’t my first rodeo in graduate school. As a matter of fact, I graduated in May of 2019 with my Master’s of Science in Biomedical Engineering in the biomechanics track. During those two years, I worked on a master’s thesis, took classes, commuted two hours to campus (roundtrip), worked part-time…Continue reading »